OKBET Online Casino Introduces BAC Bo, Its Special Online Dice Baccarat Game

OKBET Online Casino Introduces BAC Bo, Its Special Online Dice Baccarat Game

The debut of Bac Bo, a distinctive dice game designed by OKBet in the style of baccarat, was announced today by OKBET Online Casino.

Bac Bo is essentially a dice-based variation of the card game baccarat. In Bac Bo, the Player score and the Banker score are calculated using the sum of two dice that are automatically shaken in four separate shakers, two for each hand. Cards are not used in this game. Both the Banker and the Player roll a pair of dice, and the two numbers produced are then added together. With payouts of up to 88 to 1, the round finishes in a tie if the highest two-dice total prevails or if the totals are equal.

Bac Bo is yet another original development from OKBet’s highly skilled product team and developers, according to Chief Product Officer Todd Haushalter. It combines the fundamental elements of Sic Bo and Baccarat to produce something wholly unique. With the visual excitement of a dice game, you get the exquisite flow and intensity of a “come from behind win” that makes Baccarat so popular.

While still very much in the spirit of baccarat, Haushalter continued, Bac Bo is an easy game to learn. Compared to Baccarat, it features simpler rules and gameplay because just the results of straightforward dice rolls need to be taken into account. The excitement and the roll of the dice just keep coming!

Best Bac Bo Techniques

Bac Bo is a live dealer game offered by OKBet that blends Sic Bo and Baccarat with cryptocurrency from the same source. So, Bac Bo got its name.

Similar to classic baccarat and one of the highest among all casino games, Bac Bo gives a return to player (RTP) of 98.87%. As a result, this game is among the most lucrative for the player. However, adhering to the Bac Bo method is crucial to bringing the actual RTP closer to the one stated by the provider.

Traditional baccarat versus Bac Bo

Let’s look at the main aspects of this game before moving on to the Bac Bo strategy.

Bac Bo is a simpler kind of baccarat than classic baccarat since it employs dice rather than cards.

Bac Bo uses four dice that move and stop in a specific order on a specified area of the table. Before the banker’s die, the player’s die stops. The side of the dice that rolled the highest value in the first round determines which side will roll the following die. If there is a tie in the initial round, the player’s die comes to a halt first, followed by the banker’s die.

You won’t have any trouble learning Bac Bo because bets are placed in the same manner as in other OKBet games. However, with Bac Bo, you may check the outcomes of past rounds at any moment, unlike baccarat, where the betting history is reset after a deck change.

What Advantages of Playing BAC Bo with a Plan?

The OKBet Bac Bo method is the only one that will result in the maximum RTP over the long term, so we advise players to employ it. The best and mathematically sound way to play, the Bac Bo approach outlines how to at least lessen the casino’s advantage if not defeat it.

The whole purpose of gambling is that neither you nor the casino know how the following round will turn out. There is always a chance to win or lose in the casino. By using the Bac Bo technique to systematize your game, you can lessen the impact of unpredictability. Players occasionally do incredibly bad decisions without realizing it. The tactic aids in avoiding such circumstances.

Best Bac Bo Techniques

Baccarat tactics are quite effective when used as a Bac Bo strategy because OKBet’s Bac Bo is essentially baccarat played with dice rather than cards.

Speculate on the player or banker. In Bac Bo, the payments for the player and banker sides are both 1:1. It implies that you are free to support whatever side you want without affecting the RTP.

Do not wager on a tie. Tie wagers draw attention with a high payout of up to 88:1, but exercise caution. The tie stake is the least profitable for the Bac Bo player, just like in regular baccarat. Where else might the 1.13% house advantage originate? Additionally, if you wager on the player or the banker and there is a tie, you will receive a return of 90% of your stake. So even if you do not wager on a tie, this result is still advantageous to you. Yes, you can play a few rounds with the tie bets if you want to take a chance, but this approach has nothing to do with the ideal Bac Bo approach.

Select a betting strategy. You can review the results of prior games and try to identify any patterns to base your bets on. The outcome of each new game is purely random, thus the past actually doesn’t mean much. Additionally, you can place ongoing wagers on one side or switch them after each round. Because the expected value for betting on the player and the banker is the same, choose the strategy that best suits you.

Advice for Playing Baccarat

General gambling advice also applies to this game in addition to the Bac Bo approach.

Organize your funds. It’s critical to manage your bankroll wisely in addition to adhering to the strategy. You risk losing money quickly if your balance is only sufficient for one or two bets. We are attempting to lessen the impact of unpredictability by using the Bac Bo method. A balance of at least 20 to 30 bets is regarded as ideal for games like Bac Bo, albeit it all relies on the player’s individual preferences. It enables you to prolong your time at the table and benefit from the tactic.

Think about traditional betting tactics. The Martingale strategy is the most popular of them. This system states that after each loss, you should double your wager. With this strategy, you can recover all of your prior losses after the initial victory. But be careful, since a prolonged losing streak might lead the stake size to spiral out of control. The Paroli system, the Oscar’s grind strategy, and the Anti-Martingale technique are likewise included in this category.

Recognize when to call a game. It’s best to plan in advance how much you want to win before leaving the table because a winning run can be hard. Always keep in mind that an unending game results in a complete loss of funds. Setting a loss limit is wise as well.

Where Can I Win Using the Bac Bo Strategy?

At LTC Casino, you may play Bac Bo and every other OKBet Casino game. In addition to offering a large selection of games, LTC Casino draws customers with its immediate payouts and lack of verification procedures. In other words, you won’t have any trouble withdrawing your money if the OKBet Online Bac Bo plan works and you succeed in winning. On our website, you will also find a lot of additional table gaming tactics that are well worth trying.

Do I need to play Bac Bo?

Try Bac Bo if you enjoy baccarat and are searching for a different way to play it. The game is excellent for beginners because of its simple set of rules. Simply pick a side to wager on, understand the Bac Bo technique, and enjoy the game.