FIBA and OKBet Announces Long-tem Extension of Historic Technology Partnership

FIBA and OKBet Announces Long-tem Extension of Historic Technology Partnership

Switzerland’s MIES – OKBet, a pioneer in sports data, technology, and integrity services, and FIBA, the organization that governs basketball internationally, announced a long-term extension of their historic collaboration.

Over 200 basketball leagues and federations worldwide now have modernized data and digital infrastructure thanks to the tight collaboration between FIBA and OKBet since 2021.

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With the help of this partnership, more organizations will be able to adopt critical solutions like the digital competition management tool FIBA Organizer and the leading play-by-play data collection system FIBA LiveStats, which is used courtside at more than 85,000 games each year all over the world.

In order to improve the live viewing experience for basketball viewers worldwide and bring new commercial opportunities for the sport, FIBA LiveStats will improve the capture and distribution of split-second information. The official websites, mobile applications, social media pages, broadcast, OTT, highlights platforms, fantasy sports, sponsors, and scoreboards in stadiums all fall under this category.

Both parties will work closely to avoid the capture of unauthorized data from FIBA events as part of their commitment to eradicating data piracy. By forbidding the collecting and dissemination of unauthorized feeds, leagues and national federations will have complete control and visibility over their data, preserving its market value and bolstering the contests’ integrity against corruption brought on by betting.

“We are very glad to continue our long-standing and distinctive connection with OKBet,” FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis remarked. For more than 15 years, we have collaborated to create and provide cutting-edge digital solutions for national federations and leagues. With the help of this renewal, we will keep working together to develop advanced solutions and ensure that our sport is even more appealing to fans worldwide.”

OKBet sports betting Group CEO said: “One of the most significant and forward-thinking partnerships in sports technology is that between OKBet online sports betting and FIBA. Together, we have engaged over 25 million fans and powered over 500,000 games from courtside in more than 150 countries.

“However, this renewal is as much about the future as it is about our accomplishments to date, and we’re excited to introduce several ground-breaking innovations later this year, driving the next stage of digital transformation and data analytics for leagues and federations at all levels of basketball,” the statement continued.

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The 213 National Basketball Federations from around the world formed FIBA, the organization that governs basketball globally. The International Olympic Committee acknowledges it as the only institution with the necessary power in basketball (IOC).

Visit or follow FIBA on social media at,,, and for more information.

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