OKBet Update: Can Poker Player Mikki Mase Really Beat Baccarat Long-Term?

OKBet Update: Can Poker Player Mikki Mase Really Beat Baccarat Long-Term?

You may have seen Mikki Mase on Hustler Casino Live, and he asserts that he can defeat the unbeatable game of baccarat. He undoubtedly has many critics, but he also has supporting documentation.

During the recently concluded World Series of Poker (WSOP), the poker player and Instagram star met with PokerNews to discuss a major bluff he pulled off against Los Angeles high-stakes icon Garrett Adelstein and to provide some insight into how he might have an edge in baccarat.

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Making a Skeptic to Believer

One of the many critics of Mase, a self-described “degenerate gambler” from New York, was formerly well-known YouTuber Spencer Cornelia, who investigated the dubious claims in a 17-minute video earlier this year.

Cornelia wasn’t interested in what Mase was trying to sell, so the seasoned gambler asked the content writer to his house so he could show the author the receipts he claimed to have. Mase disclosed a few win/loss accounts from several casinos that displayed year-long gaming wins.

Cornelia said to Mase, “That’s fascinating man, that’s real.”

Cornelia changed from a skeptic to a believer, but based on the YouTube comments, it doesn’t appear that many people were much persuaded by the second film.

How is it possible for someone to consistently succeed in a game of chance? Mase provided PokerNews with a brief explanation of how he succeeds despite refusing to divulge the specifics of his technique.

“It’s not impossible, I’ll say. Even though I’m hardly the world’s smartest man, I was able to pick up on a few important card-playing habits and traits, as well as the promotion and creation of casino games. So it’s not difficult to say that you’ve used that to your advantage if you can do a little reverse engineering to determine how they’ve created their edge “Mase asserts.

Not just Cornelia, a popular YouTuber, questioned the veracity of the poker player’s assertions. The No Jumper podcast’s host, Adam “adam22” Grandmaison, who is a devoted poker player as well, invited Mase to discuss his experience. With just under 1 million views and more than 4,500 comments, most people don’t seem convinced by his claims.

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Who is Mikki Mase

Mikki Mase is a sex addict who spent a large portion of his high school years in jail, but he now leads a disciplined lifestyle that excludes strip clubs, alcohol, and narcotics, as he explained to “adam22.”

He is a divisive character, but when he appears on Hustler Casino Live, the audience loves him because he is hilarious and a great storyteller.

He admitted to PokerNews that he has been a sick, degenerate gambler for more than 25 years. The only people in my neighborhood were affluent Jews and gangster Jews, so I spent my entire life around illicit gaming.

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The longtime gambler also flaunts his crazy lifestyle on a well-known Instagram account (@dirtygothboi).

Mase engages in high-stakes poker competitions in private and occasionally makes an appearance on Hustler Casino Live. He attempted to win the WSOP Main Event earlier this month, but he was unsuccessful.

Cornelia bet Mase in the $10,000 buy-in world championship event after viewing the gambling profit proof.

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